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Data Dico means “Data speaks” or “Data explains”. As in my opinion, data journalists must use every possible opportunity to help the data to speak up.

In general this site intents to work with all sorts of data science tools and techniques, and should contribute to data journalism overall. All ideas and thoughts shared on this blog are my own.

Who am I?

I currently work as a digital data journalist and developer at the Economist and only run this blog in my spare time as a fun project. My passion is to tell new stories with data.


For the analysis, scraping and machine learning part of my night job as data cruncher, I use R and python, for publishing graphics on the web i use JavaScript and D3.js, for APIs I use Python, for big data Spark, for graph-data Neo4J and for geo stuff QGIS. All code and data are available on Github, all thoughts and ideas are mine, and created in my free time.

My Economist posts: